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Nowadays, an enormous amount of data is being created. Therefore, it becomes important to establish a system which can easily interpret big data. This is done by data science. Data science is a crucial component which is used in many sectors, and it is mostly used to solve IT issues. Data science is becoming increasingly popular. Many business professionals have started using it to expand their operations and improve their projects’ quality. So, in this article, we will learn about the best data science course in India and the future aspects of data science.

What exactly is Data Science? 

Data science is used to solve and get information from an enormous amount of big data using programming languages and different analytic tools. Data science is used in various sectors, including machine learning and business intelligence. Big firms use it to make decisions. Data science makes predictive models which can be used for decision-making purposes.

How Data Science Impacts Everyday Life 

Our daily lives are heavily influenced by data science. Furthermore, it is important to understand how data science can impact our lives. Below are a few sectors which are heavily influenced by data science.

· Online Experience 

Everyone browses online, which is a common part of our daily lives. While browsing, if you allow the cookies, you will receive notifications of the site you are browsing. This is where data science is used for gathering the data.

· Data Science in Security 

Data science enables organisations to use machine learning algorithms which can be used to increase the security of websites. To manage the network effectively, data science is used. Also, the government sectors are using data science to increase security.

· Human Health

Data science is used in image visualisation and helps to detect the problem related to your body based on the scanned images. It is used to assist the doctors in developing successful plans for treatment. Data science is used to study sonograms, MRIs and X-rays.

Prospects of the Data Science in Future 

Recent technological developments have made it feasible to capture data and its value. Let’s look at

what data science could look like in the future.

· Development of disruptive technologies 

As many people use mobile phones for communication, the data quantity has increased dramatically. Many technologies are used to analyse the data. Some of this includes AI, Big data, computing and blockchain.

  · Future jobs in Data Science 

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a significant increase in IT employment. Data science is majorly used for interpreting and analysing data, which is used to assist the organisation in developing plans.

Courses related to Data Science

The best data science course in India includes the following: 

  • Python for Data Science
  • Deep learning
  • Programming with R
  • Advanced Statistics, and many more.

Best courses to enrol in Data Science

Several institutes provide online certification and certification in data science. The online courses also hold the same importance as the off-line courses:

1. Post Graduate in Data Science (Purdue University & Simplilearn)

This is one of the best online data science programmes in India. It is a collaboration between Simplilearn and Purdue University.

Learning mode: Online Classes

Duration of the course: 12 months

Fees: INR 2,25,000

2. Nasscom data science program certificate (Emerging India Group)

It is a well-designed curriculum from NASSCOM, one of the world’s leading software companies. Along with his almost 35 members of the company, including IBM, Goldman Sachs, Infosys, JP Morgan, Google, Deloitte, GENPACT, HDFC, HCL, NIIT University and many more. The emerging India group offers the best data science course in Noida.

Learning mode: Offline and Online Classes

Duration of the course: 350 hours

Fees: INR 24,999

3. Advanced Program in Data Science (IIM Calcutta)

This program is conducted online mode by the IIM, Calcutta. It is mainly for working professionals so that they can upgrade their skills. It is a mix of offline and live sessions.

Learning mode: Online Classes + Offline for 4 days

Duration of the course: 12 months

Fees: INR 4,40,000


Data science will have a promising future, and its opportunities are limitless, with major applications in the healthcare and IT industries. Organisations use data science to take decisions. It is used along with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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