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Essential Royal Enfield Maintenance Tips You Must Know

We all want to keep our Royal Enfield motorcycle in the best condition, but how to achieve this goal? To keep your Royal Enfield in good condition is not hard. You must follow a few essential Royal Enfield maintenance tips to keep your bike in good condition.

When you get a new motorcycle, many of us find it fascinating. For this novelty to last, we do whatever we can to make our bike look and feel new. Maintaining your Royal Enfield properly will increase the bike’s longevity and decrease the repair cost. Following the necessary Royal Enfield maintenance tips will enhance the performance of your motorcycle.

The Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle brand in the world and has constantly produced motorcycles over the years. The company offers various bike categories based on engine capacity and style that customers adore. The Interceptor 650 is a modern gem and one of the company’s first new-age bikes. Thus, if you want to keep your motorcycle showroom fresh, invest in Interceptor 650 modified accessories.

While you must maintain and protect your bike, protecting yourself and ensuring your safety gets equally important. For this reason, you must avail of riding rear for bike. If you acquire riding gear, it’ll protect you in case of an unfortunate accident or impact from the road. 

Basic riding gear includes a helmet, pants, jacket, boots, and gloves. This will help protect you from an untoward accident. Let us explore some of the major maintenance strategies for your Royal Enfield.

Kickstart Your Motorcycle Every Morning

The engine cools at night because of the lower temperature, so you must kickstart your engine every morning. The Royal Enfield engine operates on the principle of friction, which gets nullified in the absence of heat. Using the start button puts extra pressure on the bike’s battery and the engine. Royal Enfield maintenance tips, such as kickstarting, ensure proper bike longevity.

Royal Enfield Maintenance Tips, Such As a Regular Wash, Is Not a Good Idea

A machine, unlike a man, does not require a regular wash. When the metal body parts of your motorcycle come in contact with water, it acts like a catalyst. In this process, the water speeds us the process of corrosion of the metal parts. 

The water also cuts through the clear coat of motorcycle paint and will speed up the ageing process of your Royal Enfield. You can use a lint-free cloth, clean your motorbike daily, and use water to clean fortnightly.

Go For Regular Lubrication

The chain on your Royal Enfield bike forms a very important part of riding it. The chain helps the motorbike to move smoothly. Thus, after every 400 km, once you feel the chain becoming stiff, immediately park your bike and clean the chain. You must perform this task with your own hands and rotate the tyre. 

You can also use a proper chain cleaning liquid and brush. It would be best to let the liquid stay for a while before cleaning it with your brush. Once you have allowed the liquid to stay, run water along the chain until clean water emerges. Useful Royal Enfield maintenance tips like cleaning the chain sound simple but effective.

Maintain the Exhaust

Every Enfield user wants their bike to sound good. Only the muffler plays with sound using different patterns and shapes in the exhaust. If you do not have a catalytic converter, you can go for an aftermarket exhaust which is good for the engine. 

The production of a bit louder noise and light flames are the only little disadvantage of an aftermarket exhaust. Royal Enfield maintenance tips direct you to invest in premium quality products, not cheap counterfeits, which can harm the machine.

Regularly Evaluate the Tyre Pressure

This is one of the most crucial yet ignored maintenance procedures. You must check the tyre pressure once a week to keep it at the normal level. If the tyre pressure goes below normal, you will experience a shaky ride with tremendous pressure in the rims. 

Then again, excess pressure will further lead to a bumpy ride. Therefore, you must ensure the tyre pressure reaches the optimum level. As a rule, you must remember that the life span of a tyre reaches a maximum of 5 years, following which you must change them.

Organise Scheduled Check Ups for Your Royal Enfield

Getting your motorcycle checked ranks very high in the Royal Enfield maintenance tips list. Whenever your time gets up for due, make sure to take your Royal Enfield to a servicing centre. A complete tune-up helps to increase the longevity of your bike’s engine. It also helps to identify and correct any other specific problem within the same time frame.

These are key strategies you can follow to maintain your Royal Enfield motorcycle. Once you follow these Royal Enfield maintenance tips, you can have the most comfortable riding experience. Many of these tasks can get achieved with Carorbis next to your side. The quality products with a highly efficient performance from Carorbis help you maintain your Royal Enfield seamlessly.

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