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An Unforgettable Boat Wedding in Barcelona

We must start by understanding how the groom and the bride envision this wonderful day, what kind of wedding do they want to see? Perhaps it’s a grand event in the countryside, or a beautiful banquet hall with only the closest ones present. Maybe the bride wants an outdoor registration, where guests then move to a tent or banquet hall for further entertainment, or a yacht rental for the wedding might be required.

Desires of the groom and bride

There may be many thoughts, and the main thing is that the groom and bride agree on what their wedding will be like and where it will be held. For example, you can rent a boat at Port Olimpic from the Barcelona Boat Rental company.

  1. Separately, the groom and bride write the names of relatives and friends they want to see at the celebration, then count the number of guests, and already have an idea of what kind of space should be in the hall.
  2. Preparation for the celebration begins. The rental of a sailboat, banquet hall, or tent should accommodate the number of people at the wedding. The groom and bride should not forget that there still needs to be a place in the hall where the DJ will sit, and also think about where the dance floor will be. Usually, it’s hard to find a venue for the celebration 2-3 months in advance. It is advisable to choose a hall 4-5 months before the celebration. The banquet menu is also discussed with the chef, and it will be possible to add or remove something from the menu later.
  3. Submitting an application to the civil registry office.
  4. The next step is the search for a videographer, photographer, and host. People who will conduct the wedding and shoot are searched for 6 months before the wedding because it’s difficult to find good hosts and those who will capture these beautiful moments. As soon as the host is found, the concept of the wedding is discussed: contests, music, when the congratulations will go, when the time-outs and more.
  5. Now you can think about the format of the wedding, in what style the groom and bride see this day. It could be a lavender wedding where everything is in lilac colors. A wedding decorated with live flowers. A wedding with lots of photos from the life of the newlyweds so that every guest can see how it all started.
  6. When everything is done, you have to choose rings, the bride’s and groom’s outfits. According to the beliefs, the groom should not see the bride in the dress before the wedding, which means the bride will have to enlist the help of her friends. Agree in advance with the groom on what outfits will be and in what color, so they look harmonious.
  7. The next step is choosing a makeup artist and hairdresser. An agreement to make a trial makeup and hairstyle in advance.
  8. The choice of the bride’s bouquet should also match the dress. Usually, brides prefer a bouquet of live flowers. It’s important to have two bouquets, because, according to beliefs, everything that is on the bride, including the bouquet, should stay with her. Unmarried girls can throw a duplicate bouquet made of satin ribbons. The bouquet can be kept by the girl who catches it.
  9. A couple of months before the wedding, it’s important to solve organizational issues. How to seat guests, send invitations to relatives, and choose a wedding cake.
  10. As the date of the celebration approaches, the bride or groom call all contractors to not miss anything and clarify all points of the celebration.

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