Monday, December 4, 2023

BBQs 2U – Master Charcoal Grilling Art with Masterbuilt Portable Grill

Word of mouth from satisfied customers has been the best advertising for BBQ 2U store in Abersoch, Pwllheli [UK]. It is a popular store dedicated to branded grills and accessories.

Since its opening in 2005, the BBQs 2U family has been hosting live demonstrations in their store. They showcase the store’s products and expertise in person before potential clients.

BBQs 2U teach their potential customers how to master charcoal grilling art using the latest Masterbuilt Portable Charcoal Grill.

To master the art of charcoal grilling, here are some tips they offer:

1. Choose the right charcoal

The type of charcoal you use can affect the flavor of your food. Natural lump charcoal burns hotter and faster, while briquettes burn more slowly and evenly. Experiment with different types of charcoal to see which works best for you.

2. Use a chimney starter

A chimney starter is a great way to light your charcoal quickly and evenly without using lighter fluid. Simply fill the chimney with charcoal, light a firestarter cube underneath, and wait for the charcoal to become hot and glowing before dumping it into the grill.

3. Control the temperature

Charcoal grills can be trickier to control than gas grills, but with practice, you can master it. Use a grill thermometer to monitor the temperature and adjust the airflow by opening and closing the vents.

However, the Masterbuilt portable coal grill is equipped with an in-built temperature gauge allowing you to receive ideal results every time.

4. Master the direct and indirect grilling

Direct grilling means cooking food directly over the heat source, while indirect grilling means cooking food to the side of the heat source. Learn to use both techniques for different types of food.

5. Keep it simple

Charcoal grilling is all about the flavor of the food. Don’t overcomplicate things with too many seasonings or marinades. Instead, focus on the quality of the meat and the smoke from the charcoal.

6. Practice, practice, practice

Like any art, mastering charcoal grilling takes practice. Experiment with different techniques, keep a journal to track what works and what doesn’t and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Use the above tips to master charcoal grilling art with the Masterbuilt portable coal grill and make authentic Smokey flavor grilled delicacies for family or friends. It is a perfect way to master charcoal grilling art!

If you have the space, then choose any one of the Masterbuilt 560 or 800, or 1050 Gravity Series models. You can even upgrade the basic model by adding Masterbuilt Pizza Oven, which includes a non-stick pizza stone.

Not just cook crispy and authentic 14” pizzas but even make lasagna or bake cookies and bread.

You can choose the smoker griddle to enjoy burgers, eggs, and fajitas. Expand your grilling skills with the griddle as it ensures consistent and accurate temperature control.

Masterbuilt Rotisserie Kit includes a spit rod with adjustable meat claws designed to hold the meat and slowly cook over charcoal-heated grates evenly. Masterbuilt accessories are unbeatable!

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