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What Factors do you Consider Before Buying Vapes?

vaporisers heat up and vaporize dry herbs, oil concentrates and waxes. They can be used to consume cannabis without smoking to avoid exposing yourself to the harmful toxins in smoke. However, it’s essential to realize that not all vapes¬†are made equal, so you must know a few critical details before choosing the one that best suits your requirements.

Here are a few essential factors you must consider before choosing to vape:


The size of the vape is something to consider. Vapes come in different sizes, so you must choose one suitable for your hand. The larger the vape, the more likely it will be heavy and difficult to carry around. Some people prefer smaller vapes because they are easier to use, while others prefer larger ones because they can hold more liquid and provide a better vaping experience.

The other important thing is where you will frequently use the device. If you plan on taking a lot of trips outside or travelling long distances during which time it would be inconvenient to have a large machine with you at all times, then perhaps it would make sense for you not only to purchase an appropriately sized vaporiser but also one that has multiple power settings so that when battery life gets low later on in travel, there won’t be any downtime between charging stations.

Battery life

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a vaporiser is the battery life. The type of battery you get will depend on the device you choose, but in general, it’s a good idea to opt for something that allows you to swap out or charge new batteries. This will guarantee that you can avoid being caught with a dead battery when you’re most in need of it and can avoid frustratingly long recharging times for sure.

Replacement parts availability

Please take the availability of replacement parts into account as well. How easy is it to replace parts? How much does it cost to replace them, and how long do they last? For example, some vapes are more accessible to take apart than others, and some vape pens have more costly replacement parts than others. Some vapes use glass cartridges which can be expensive if you prefer replacing them often.

Compatible tanks and coils
  • Tank compatibility: If you have chosen a tank with a 510 thread, it is compatible with most mods on the market. However, if you use a sub-ohm tank but your mod cannot take sub-ohm coils, it will not function properly.
  • Coil compatibility: Also known as the ‘ohm’ rating, this refers to how much resistance there is between your battery and coil combination. If your vape has a low resistance setting, then you should use coils with lower resistances, such as 0.1 or 0.05 ohms for example; if your vape has higher resistance settings, then choose higher resistance coils, such as 1 or 2 ohms, for instance, (note: always check the manual for more details).
  • Tank capacity refers to how many millilitres/MLS of e-liquid will fit into your tank before refilling (or re-wicking).
Wattage or temperature control

When you need to decide whether to buy a vape that has wattage or temperature control, you should consider the following:

  • What budget do you have for a vaporiser? Whether or not the equipment has wattage or temperature control will affect the cost. A device with wattage control can be cheaper than one with temperature control.
  • What kind of vaping experience do you want? If you like smooth and flavorful hits, getting a vaporiser with temperature control is best for your needs. Getting a vaporiser with adjustable wattage may be better if you want something simple.

All in all, the decision is yours to make. You can find the perfect vaporiser that will suit your needs and preferences. Just consider all the factors mentioned before making your final decision!

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