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4 Ways to Ensure Smooth Functioning of Air Conditioners

In the 21st century, there have been several advances in terms of technological progress. A rise in global temperatures has made cooling systems to be necessary for every home and office space. These systems help to create a relaxed and cool surrounding, allowing better productivity and good sleep. Various cooling systems available are electric fans, small air conditioners, and air coolers.

All these cooling systems find applications based on space available, costs, maintenance, etc. However, the most widely used systems in recent years have been air conditioners. It is important to know a bit about these cooling systems to ensure their longevity. Let us check some tips that will allow us to do so.

1. Keep the condenser compartment clean

The condenser of an air conditioner is usually kept on the outer side. Due to this, dust and debris keep collecting in the condenser, which eventually enters your home or office spaces. It is important to clean this unit to improve the air quality. To clean it, use a soft brush to clean the elements of the condenser compartment.

2. Keep a check on the Evaporator unit

An air conditioner has an evaporator unit called a plenum which needs to be cleared at least once a year for any dirt and air particulates. It will help increase the longevity of the A.C. unit. To clean it, use a rag cloth or cotton or brush to wipe the dirt off from the bottommost part of the evaporator.

3. Check the Freon levels and Clean Fan

An air conditioner uses freon gas to cool the air. A sufficient amount of freon will ensure that your air conditioner unit will function well. A professional can check whether the level of freon is sufficient or not.

Secondly, if the blades of fans have accumulated dirt, the air will be contaminated and improperly distributed. To clean them, use a damp cloth. It will allow the operation of the air conditioner at its highest efficiency.

4. Replace the air filters

An air conditioner purifies the air that keeps your inner space clean and healthy. It allows those with respiratory effects to breathe without worrying about the air quality. Check the air purifier every month during the hot season to ensure it is clean. Also, if you live in an area that often has a high amount of dirt and sand, check for filters regularly.


With the rise of temperatures around the globe, the need for efficient cooling systems has become more than necessary. For this purpose, the applications of air conditioner units are in high demand. To ensure that the air conditioners perform well, preventive maintenance of these units becomes essential.

An air conditioner has several elements such as the fan, condenser, evaporator, etc. Maintaining and cleaning them regularly helps to keep them from contaminating the air quality and good functioning. So if you are looking to ensure the smooth functioning of your cooling system, these tips will help you do so.

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