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All that You Got to Know about Aesthetic Treatment or Cosmetic Treatment

With aging, the fear of our skin losing its charm usually bothers us. It is quite normal for every individual to go through this fear, but the best part is you have solution for everything. Just like surgical procedures, we have now got a non-invasive method and i.e. aesthetic treatment.

Aesthetic treatments are also called cosmetic treatments, which are used to combat the signs of aging. It helps rejuvenate and refresh your skin. The most common areas of our body treated by this method include the face, neck, and decolletage. They help to improve excessive sweating, remove pigmentation, and treat acne, scars, skin tags, moles, and the appearance of veins.

At Retens, you can get the best aesthetic treatments done at a good price. This 醫學美容 center is located in Harbor City, Tsim Sha Tsui. They make use of high-end technology which can carve every inch of your skin and makes it eye-catching.

Let us look at some of the best aesthetic treatments given below

Anti-Wrinkle injections and derma fillers injections

They both work to reduce wrinkles but are quite different in working. One fills up the wrinkle while the other relaxes the muscle group that causes wrinkles.

The anti-wrinkle injections are used around the eyes, between the brows, and on the forehead. While derma fillers are used for lips, cheeks, nose, and mouth lines.

Non-injectable skin treatments

A professional team will access your skin and decide upon the treatment.

This treatment includes chemical peels in which naturally derived acids are used to remove any dead skin cells. It can also be used for treating acne.

Micro-needling is another method that is used for old acne scars, scarring, etc. In this treatment, micro-injuries are created on the skin which results in the production of collagen and elastin that reduces the appearance of the scar. Here multiple treatments are required to obtain the best results. This will be done in a gap of four to six weeks apart.

PDO thread lifts

Different kinds of threads are used to lift the skin of your forehead, cheeks, jawline, neck, and even body areas like the breast. The threads are made of polydioxanone (PDO) which helps in collagen production. The threads lift makes your skin smoother, improves the texture, and provides radiance.


This consists of hyaluronic acid that helps in skin laxity and tissue remodeling. Profhilo is popular due to its unique structure and balance of scientific properties including high cohesivity. The product flows freely through the subcutaneous tissue and the dermis.

This is usually administered through a BAP (Bio Aesthetic Points) technique where the substance is injected in 5 areas of both sides of the face, especially the lower area of the face. It gives hydration, firmness, luminosity, and strength to your skin with a potent anti-aging effect.

Flawless high frequency

A small needle is used to pass on the electrical current through the skin that removes unwanted veins, moles, and skin tags.

To treat different skin issues, you would require a high-quality targeted skin care product. For this, you need to visit the best 香港 centre. Contact Retens to get the best treatment done for you.

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