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Significance of Public Health for the Health Field of Pakistan

Pakistan, as all of us understand is a developing country as well as we are currently undergoing lots of difficulties as well as concerns. These concerns vary from terrorism, energy crisis and hardship to inadequately developed education as well as health systems.

Health, which is the fundamental human right, has actually unfortunately not been our priority. This declaration is supported by the truth that according to the World Health Company 2013 stats, the health system of our country is currently placed as 122 out of 190 nations. This is a very disconcerting figure specifically thinking about the fact that of our neighboring nations Iran is rated as 93 in the same listing. This specific number most definitely draws our interest towards issues in the health industry which we are presently facing.

To start with, we require to comprehend what is meant by health system. The health system does not only include healthcare facilities and also medical professionals. It rather entails anything and also whatever which directly or indirectly impacts the health of populations. The health system is composed of hospitals, setting, city planning, food, nutrition as well as numerous other sectors which are straight or indirectly associated with determining the health of populaces. What this indicates is the fact that by just developing new hospitals and creating more clinicians, we can not make our health systems much better. There has to be a multi-sectoral strategy which needs to include all the components of the health system.

The next and also one of the most vital factor to think about is that we need to improve our current health system design. If we want to enhance the health standing of our populace, we need to base our health system on the precautionary approach as opposed to the curative technique, that is, we require to promote public health. The time has now come where we must appear of the downstream (medical professional) method as well as relocate towards upstream (public health) method. This is the only means through which we can survive and also can make the health condition of our population much better. We need to reassess and change our current health plan and we will have to establish it on the design of public health. This is the need of the time and also if we want to endure as well as take on the globe, we have to adhere to the public health version rather than the medical professional’s design.

At present, there are only a handful of institutes all throughout the nation which offer specialist researches in the field of precautionary medication. In order to generate knowledgeable public health professionals, we require to have several academic institutes whose emphasis is exclusively on preventative medication. The government should also sustain such institutes as well as offer ideal funding to them, to ensure that they can ultimately come to be steady and also sustainable. Thus the only means to make our health industry thrive is by servicing public health. If this is refrained on a priority basis as well as we are unable to shift our focus from clinicians model to public health design, it is been afraid that we will delay much behind regarding the health sector is worried.

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